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Find Travel Inspiration On Film: The 4 Best Travel Movies Of All Time.

With the watching of the movies then one feels like they have escaped to a new place and it is also like someone has travelled and also discovered new things too. Other times when one is watching a movie then it makes someone feel like they are just very away from home. One of the travel movies that takes one on an adventure of the mind and also the soul is the Roman holiday.

The Roman holiday movie is very quirky and also its one of the comical which are black and white and its also a love story with the feeling of the fairy tale. Two of the characters in this movie are the Hepburn who is a princess and we also have PECK who is an American journalist who just misses one of the big interviews with the HRH while he was helping a young drunken woman who had spent at his apartment.

One of the things that are very interesting is that at the end of it all Peck plays a tour guide who helps the princess who just wants to enjoy her freedom and the movie is just delightful. We also have Thelma and Louise which gives you the tradition of the road trips in the America. The ones who are heroes in this movie are working girlfriends from a small town called Arkansas and they get away for a weekend which has a lot of flirtations and at the end of it all a man is murdered. From there they are all on the run and also this is where the film shines and also this is where it shows its heart.

When it comes to a heartwarming and funny movie then it is the adventures of Priscilla and the queen of the desert where they take a road trip across the Australian desert to the Alice Springs and as they take the road trips there are so many stops along the way. One of the modern movies in this list is the lost in translation and in this movie we see two Americans who are friends and they just cut loose and start exploring and that’s in Tokyo and click here for more. In this movie then there is a portrait of loneliness in a city full of millions and its also like a tour ad for Tokyo and It is a movie that everybody would want to settle into.

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